HR Monthly Planner and Calendar 2024

Download our 2024 HR Monthly Planner and Calendar to stay on track whilst working towards those all important career goals.

7 Tips for Managing Employee Retention 2024

As employee priorities change, life and work are becoming quite distinct in importance, leading many to re-evaluate their motivations to stay in a job. For that, companies must introduce new employee retention strategies to meet the workforce's rising demands and minimise turnover.

12 Ways to Engage Your Employees This Holiday Season

With a little effort and holiday spirit, it’s actually not so hard to keep employees engaged if you’re a manager. To give you more insight, we’ve compiled a list of 12 fun and easy ways to engage your employees this holiday season!

Work-Life Balance vs Work-Life Fluidity: What's the Difference?

Although the term 'work-life balance' has been increasingly spoken about in the work world, recently it has been argued that it's rigidness could cause more harm than good. 'Work-life fluidity' has now been introduced giving a refreshing perspective to the way we now approach work.

How To Apply Core Values In The Workplace

Core values and culture are amongst the most critical factors of workplaces today. Find out how to not only create but implement company values in this blog.

CIPD Learner Stories: David Ackery

David found the content of the Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management to be particularly fun and engaging. Read his student story here.

Back on Track: ADHD Study Tips

Studying can feel especially hard if you have ADHD. In this blog, we explore the best ADHD study tips to help you ace the process and improve your learning.

What Does a Great HR Advisor Look Like?

HR advisors play a pivotal role in many organisations. Working hand-in-hand with HR managers, HR advisors are responsible in helping their company reach its organisational objectives by providing guidance through their knowledge and expertise of the HR industry.

7 Essential Skills for First Time Managers

Are you starting your first official management role? Here are 7 essential skills for first time managers to help you excel in the role.

CIPD Learner Stories: Trevor Thompson

Trevor was keen to add to his professional portfolio and gain his Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management, find out how he gets on in his story.