Building your USPs – HR Qualifications vs. HR Experience

Are HR qualifications or experience better when trying to secure your first HR role? We explore the two and show how you can use both to build your USPs.

The Rise of #Microfeminism: What Is It?

Sexism in the workplace remains very much a big concern, which female professionals have to deal with on a regular basis. As a result, a form of retaliation became popular, called 'microfeminism', giving them the opportunity to reclaim some of their power.

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CIPD Learner Stories: David Holdstock | CIPD Level 7 HR

David was looking to take his career to the next level when he chose DPG to study his CIPD Level 7 HR course, through blended learning, which helped him secure an HR Advisor role.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiatives in the Workplace: A Guide for HR Professionals

Organisations are no starting to recognise the importance of prioritising employee mental health and wellbeing in demanding and fast-paced work environments. This blog serves as a guide for HR professionals, with initiatives that can be implemented to safeguard employee mental health and wellbeing.

10 Essential HR Skills Every Professional Should Master

The HR world has transformed during the last 5 years, which means the skills required to be a successful in the field have to. Find out more about the 10 essential skills that we deem essential for every HR professional in 2024.

5 Ways to Celebrate Neurodiverse Employees in the Workplace

Improve accessibility and inclusion in your organisation with these 5 ways to celebrate neurodiverse employees in the workplace.

5 Meaningful Ways to Support Disabled Employees in the Workplace

How can employers provide non-tokenistic support to people with disabilities at work? We explore 5 meaningful ways employers can support disabled employees.

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