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7 Essential Skills for First Time Managers

Are you starting your first official management role? Here are 7 essential skills for first time managers to help you excel in the role.

7 Tips for Decision Making in the Workplace

Decision-making is part of our everyday lives, but when it comes to strategic decisions in the workplace it's important to know how to reach the right one. The blog explores 7 tips for decision making in the workplace to help you reach your desired outcome.

What's the Difference Between CMI & ILM?

How do the two biggest management qualifications, CMI and ILM, differ? We explore the difference between CMI and ILM courses in this blog.

What CMI Qualification Is Right For You?

If you're on the fence with what CMI qualification is right for you, this blog goes through the ins and outs of the awards, certificates and diplomas available.

How to Become a Manager (Without Experience)

These days it can seem impossible to land a great management job without having the appropriate qualifications or experience to prove your competence and showcase your knowledge. In this blog we explore the different ways you can become a manager without having any experience.

Where Are CMI Qualifications Recognised?

CMI qualifications are highly sought after for the development of leadership and management professionals. In this blog we provide insight about where CMI qualifications are recognised to help you decide whether they're the right fit for your career.

Managers – Competence OR Style?

Whether we like it or not every manager has a management competency level and a management style.

Management Styles According to The Lion King

The Lion King is unquestionably a film about leadership – and it has management lessons that we can all learn something from!

What Makes a Good Manager?

All too often, people are promoted on the basis of technical competence – ie. because they are good at doing their job.

What Makes a Good Leader?

What qualities make a good leader in a person? We have a closer look at the subject.