What Makes a Good Manager?

All too often, people are promoted on the basis of technical competence – ie. because they are good at doing their job.

Managers – Competence OR Style?

Whether we like it or not every manager has a management competency level and a management style.

Self-beliefs, Success, and Fleas

Our beliefs have a profound influence on our success in work and in life – whatever our goals.

Management Styles According to The Lion King

The Lion King is unquestionably a film about leadership – and it has management lessons that we can all learn something from!

What Makes a Good Leader?

What qualities make a good leader in a person? We have a closer look at the subject.

Giving Feedback

The ability to give good, constructive feedback is one of the most important skills a manager can have.

The Only Thing Certain – Is Uncertainty

One hundred per cent certainty is hard to come by, but it’s what some people want when they have to make a difficult decision.

9 Tips for Building a Better Feedback Culture

A high percentage of British workers don’t believe that their employer does enough to engage them. Here are 9 tips to help and build a better feedback culture.

Why Should Your Business Encourage Inclusive Leaders?

Command and control is a leadership style that we all recognise but one that is increasingly outdated.

Businesses Challenged in Developing Effective Leaders

Developing effective leaders is the biggest people challenge facing organisations at the moment.

Short-term Sacrifices Trump More Sustainable Business Thinking

"Too many organisations leave themselves open to the risk of becoming the next big corporate scandal because they focus on short-term needs rather than ethics."