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6 Simple Steps to Securing a Raise in 2024

In tough economic times, getting a raise is important. This blog gives five easy steps to ask for more money at work in 2024, helping you stand up for fair pay.

How Long Does a PRINCE2 Course Take to Complete?

Studying a PRINCE2 qualification could be your ticket to a new career. How long does a PRINCE2 course take to complete though? We explore time-scales here.

Work-Life Balance vs Work-Life Fluidity: What's the Difference?

Although the term 'work-life balance' has been increasingly spoken about in the work world, recently it has been argued that it's rigidness could cause more harm than good. 'Work-life fluidity' has now been introduced giving a refreshing perspective to the way we now approach work.

Your CV: Job Titles vs. Transferable Skills

The way that organisations hire is changing, with a focus on transferable skills growing in popularity. We explore the different approaches here.

Spotting the Signs: How to Identify a Toxic Workplace Structure

Identifying a toxic workplace culture isn't always easy, especially when it comes to knowing the signs, being able to spot them and then figuring out your next steps... If you're finding yourself in a difficult situation workwise, then this blog is for you.

How to Avoid Application Burnout

Sending one job application after another, and receiving no response for most of them, can be extremely stressful for applicants and could lead to burnout before even managing to secure a job. In this blog we explore 5 ways you can avoid application burnout.

7 Practical Employee Engagement Strategies

Struggling to engage employees in your organisation? Here are 7 of the most practical employee engagement strategies that HR and L&D professionals can try.

10 of Best TEDTalks for Career Development

Feeling in a rut when it comes to your career and climbing the slippery career ladder? Improve your job prospects with our 10 favourite TEDTalks for career development.

How to Take Charge of Your Professional Development

If you want to accelerate your career, it's up to you to take control of your professional development. Here's how.