Does Disclosing Your Sexuality at Work Cause Discrimination?

Research conducted by the RBS-sponsored British LGBT Awards earlier this year revealed that a significant number of lesbian and bisexual women are not out at work.

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"Only 21% of those with caring responsibilities have flexible-working agreements in place with their employer."

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The law stipulates that employers must protect employees from sexual harassment, under sex discrimination guidelines - this is not enough.

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How can HR prevent the halo vs horns effect from creating tension at work?

Heard of the halo horns effect trap? It’s a cognitive bias in which a person’s perception of another person, group of people, company, brand or product determines how they view everything about them – their actions, behaviours, characteristics and beliefs.

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Are You Providing Equal Opportunities to Employees with Long-Term Health Issues?

"Resolution Foundation is calling for a 12-month ‘right to return’ period for employees with long term health condition and disabilities."