CIPD Learner Stories: Jessica Jimenez | CIPD Level 5 HR

Jessica always had an interest in HR, and eventually decided to take the leap and enrol on a CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management to help with her career change.

Before enrolling in the CIPD Level 5 Human Resources and People Management, I worked in Retail as Area Sales Manager. However, across my professional career, the part that I enjoyed most in my roles were all related to HR practices and people and how I could make a positive impact on someone people's life with my passion for HR.

I decided to go for the online course as I was still working at the time that I decided to enrol on the course.

The decision of why DPG came after a deep online search, reviewing the media, asking for feedback from an old work colleague who did the course with DPG and approaching different academies.

The feedback from my colleague was excellent, mentioning the study program structure, the support from the tutors and the workshop benefits. I contacted DPG to ask for information; as per their reviews, the success rates, my work colleague's feedback and prices were all positive.

Since the first moment that I contacted DPG, I found the team very supportive, always willing to address any doubt; they provided me with all the information that I needed at that time to make my final decision.

Throughout the course, I had to contact my tutors for support on different occasions, especially when I received feedback from the assessors who evaluated my assessments, which I found challenging. In the beginning, as the process was new for me, it was a bit confusing, I was not aware of what type of support tutors were entitled to provide, but after a few online calls with them, you make good connections as they start to get to know you.

When I ask for support by internal email, they usually take around one or two days maximum, but they always come back to you.

The excellent point is that you submit as many questions or online calls as you need.

The course is dense in specific topics; many readings are required, and high standards are necessary within your assessments, although after your first assessment submission, you get used to the process. However, I enjoyed all my reading across the course, as it helped me learn more.

I took this course because I wanted to change career paths and focus on HR; before starting the course, I tried to apply to different roles, but most of the positions require a CIPD course or studying for it.

I decided that if I wanted to bring the best of myself to this career, I had to have the best possible knowledge and insights about this profession and that my professional work experience would provide me with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

So far, thanks to the course, it opens the doors to interviews that previously to start studying the course I never get a chance.

I recommend this DPG for those who want to enter a new career within the HR sector, as the support from the team from the beginning when I made the first approach until now is perfect; they are always on the other side for you.

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