CIPD Level 7 Business Case

CIPD Advanced Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management & Human Resource Development

This document is designed to help you structure a business case, assisting you in gaining organisational backing to undertake your Level 7 Advanced Diploma. It is provided in Word so you can utilise and edit the parts that are relevant to you. If you need any further information or assistance in completing your business case we’d be happy to help, you can contact DPG’s CIPD team on 0330 660 0220 or CIPD@dpgplc.co.uk

My research shows that I would benefit from participating in the CIPD Advanced Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management or Human Resource Development.

This is a 2 year programme, resulting in a post graduate qualification in Human Resource Management or Human Resource Development. It will enable me to work at a strategic level in HR and apply for Chartered membership of the CIPD.

Why do I need the CIPD Diploma in HR Management or HR Development

Studying for a CIPD Level 7 Advanced qualification will deepen my understanding of organisations and the external context within which HR and L&D operates. Plus, I’ll learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic solutions that drive organisational performance.

  • I will gain a depth of knowledge and will have the opportunity to specialise in my chosen areas of expertise.
  • I will be able to improve the workforce and organisation performance, attract, retain and developing the right people.
  • I will be recognised as a qualified HR professional internally and externally – having MCIPD after my signature.

The qualification

I have reviewed the content of the programme and highlighted below some of the main areas that I will be able to put into practice:

Year One – core modules

HR Management in context – (Exam based assessment)

I’ll gain an understanding of the environmental contexts of contemporary organisations within which managers, HR professionals and workers interact. This module examines how organisation leaders respond to these dynamic environmental contexts, and, it explores how leaders, those in the HR function and line managers with HR responsibilities need to recognise that corporate decisions and HR choices are often shaped by forces beyond their immediate control.

Developing skills for business leadership – (Assessment through submission of a work related portfolio of evidence)

A key purpose of this module is to encourage you to develop a strong sense of self-awareness of your own strengths and development needs as managers and colleagues. The module will help you develop and improve a range of definable skills that are pivotal to successful management practice and to effective leadership.

Leading, managing and developing people – (Exam based assessment)

This module explores people management and development and seeks to familiarise you with major contemporary research evidence on employment and effective approaches to HR and L&D practice. It introduces you to major debates about theory and practice in the specific fields of leadership, flexibility and change management, the aim being to help you become effective managers as well as effective HR specialists. The module also introduces the major aims of HR and L&D and explores how these are achieved in practice.

Investigating a business issue from an HR perspective – (Assessment through submission of a management research report)

Key elements of professional competence are strategic awareness, a business orientation and a concern with adding value through HR practice. Qualified professionals should be able to research relevant topics and write reports that can persuade key stakeholders in the organisation to change or adopt a particular policy or procedure.

Year Two – optional modules HR Management (HRM route)

Resourcing and talent management – (Activity based assessment)

A major objective of the HR function is the mobilisation of a workforce. This module focuses not only on the practical aspects of recruitment, selection, employee retention and dismissal, but also on the strategic aspects to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for resourcing and talent management within a global context.

Reward management – (Activity based assessment)

This module examines total rewards in an organisational and international context and provides you with the knowledge and understanding of environments in which reward professionals plan, implement and evaluate employee reward policies to support strategic organisational goals. You will acquire both a theoretical and normative understanding of the diverse approaches to reward management and be able to critically reflect on the strengths and limitations of these approaches.

Managing employment relations – (Activity based assessment)

This module will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of employment relations perspectives and debates from a theoretical and behavioural competency perspective. It will enable you to understand, analyse and evaluate competing theories and perspectives and their outcomes on organisational climate, employees and management.

Employment law – (Activity based assessment)

This module will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to brief organisations on the consequences of employment law development, and give up-to-date and accurate advice concerning the practical application of legal principles at work in different jurisdictions. The module will provide you with the key principles that underpin UK (or Irish) and EU employment law, their purpose, the major defences that employers are able to deploy when defending cases, and the potential organisational costs and reputational risks associated with losing them.

Year Two – optional modules HR Development (HRD route)

Learning and talent development – (Activity based assessment)

You will develop a critical understanding of the contribution of learning and talent development policies and strategies as well as intellectual, social, professional and personal skills to perform effectively in associated professional roles.

Leadership and management development – (Activity based assessment)

This module focuses on the development of leadership and management in facilitating organisational, team and individual change and growth. It will enable you to develop a critical understanding of the complexities and contested nature of leadership and management and the contextual opportunities for development. You’ll develop a range of personal and professional skills associated with the development of leadership and management strategies to facilitate organisational development and change.

Designing, delivering and evaluating L&D provision – (Activity based assessment)

This module develops a critical understanding of the role and influence of a range of contextual factors on the design, delivery and evaluation of L&D plans and interventions. You will develop the professional knowledge and skills required to perform effectively in specialist roles associated with the design, delivery and evaluation of learning and development.

Knowledge management and organisational learning – (Activity based assessment)

This module explores the connection between learning and knowledge to develop a critical understanding of the concepts of knowledge management and of organisational learning and associated theories. You’ll explore the personal and professional skills associated with designing and implementing knowledge management strategies that promote organisational learning.

My Choice of CIPD Provider

DPG has been a CIPD approved centre for over twenty years and is a leading provider of CIPD qualifications. They were the first CIPD provider to launch the CIPD’s new qualifications and are ahead of the rest. The CIPD commended their programme materials as being ‘excellent’. DPG are a preferred partner with CIPD Learning for the delivery of the Level 7 Advanced qualification.

Guaranteed Support

As a participant on a DPG CIPD programme, DPG will offer guaranteed support for up to 4 years to pass the qualification. If I do not meet the CIPD’s standards within a reasonable timeframe 4 years for Level 7, DPG will refund the programme fee excluding CIPD membership fees) in full.
In order to qualify for a refund you must meet the following two conditions:

  • You must attend all workshops including the mandatory Exam Preps for L7 (not necessarily at the same venue)
  • For L7 sit any exams within a reasonable timeframe (and within the 4 year maximum allocation from the start of your programme)
  • You must submit all your assessments on or before the dates outlined in your programme timeline.

Recommendation Rate

DPG evaluate their programmes via online surveys twice during each programme. Recent feedback shows that 98% of DPG’s participants would recommend their CIPD programmes to colleagues and friends.


DPG run their programmes three times a year and I have received the dates for a programme in xxxxxx starting on xxxxxx. As the programme is blended learning, I only need to attend workshops, 2 days every 6 -8 weeks – minimising my time out of the office. I am then required to commit between 10-12 hours self-study per week. Outside of the workshop events, I am supported by the DPG facilitator, through the award winning DPG Community and the Learning Pathway.

Confirmation programme will go ahead

DPG are the largest provider of this qualification and guarantee that the programme that I have selected will go ahead. Other providers often advertise dates and then cancel them due to low take up.

Programme Materials

All of DPG’s materials are hosted via the internet. All materials are CIPD Flexi+ materials which are in e-format. All the materials are also included in the price – including 9 CIPD recommended textbooks and access to a huge range of HR online resources.

Quality of facilitators

DPG use CIPD qualified HR practitioners to facilitate their programmes. Their programmes are highly practical and designed with accelerated learning techniques in mind. This ensures that learning takes place in an effective and fun way. The techniques that DPG use will help me to improve our own learning interventions too.

Cost of the Programme*

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma (two year programme)
The two year programme costs L7,995 plus VAT when paid in full at the time of booking.
If you prefer, you can split the cost of the Diploma programme over two years by paying L4,197 plus VAT per year.

* The only additional costs are the CIPD exam fees and CIPD membership as you pay this direct to CIPD; we include everything else in the programme fees such as your textbooks and learning materials.

Return on Expectations

Combining my professional knowledge, skill and insights with an understanding of your organisation’s context and structure, I can create and deliver integrated HR and L&D services and solutions that help to drive my organisation forward.

I have asked DPG to provide evidence from past learners to show how the programme has benefitted them in their organisations. They have supplied the following:

This has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. After one year I feel that my language and way of thinking have changed to match the professional profile of an excellent HRD professional – Domenico Brunetti, White Concierge

The DPG programme offers a great way of learning as you can adapt the resources and support to suit your personal circumstances, especially regarding what time of day (or night!) you choose to work on the pack and assessments. I haven’t studied since leaving school over 25 years ago and I was very nervous about whether I would be able to get through the programme, but the content, the support and the resources helped me work my way through at my own pace and I was able to choose the method of learning which best suited me – Deborah Rathmell, Yorkshire Water

I am delighted with the experience I have had with DPG from the booking process, on-going support, interactive and engaging sessions, quality resources and highly experienced employees. I would highly recommend DPG as a highly professional, experienced and value for money learning provider and have no doubt that I will continue to use DPG myself for my personal learning requirements whilst recommending them to others – Dean Giles, Monarch Airlines

Next steps

Once you have confirmed that I have the budget approval I can call or email DPG to reserve my place for the next programme starting in xxxxxx. It is recommended that I reserve my place ASAP as the demand for this programme is very high.