Thinking About a Career in HR?

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t for you? Are you ready for a career change? Have you thought about a career in Human Resources (HR)?

When is a Qualification More Than Just a Qualification?

HR is an industry that built on qualifications. And generally, the more career-related qualifications an HR professional has under their belt, the better because they open doors.

CIPD Launch Manifesto Highlighting Key Areas That Need Reform

The CIPD launches 'The Manifesto for Work' to help make work a good place for all involved.

What Can HR Do to Counterbalance the Effects of a Chair-Based Lifestyle?

Sitting is the new smoking. These were the words of a man called Dr James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative...

The Implications of HR

"Any organisation that uses digital platforms as a means to connect customers with service providers ‘on demand’ could be the future."

Socialising Over a Cuppa is Good for Employees and For Business

The average employee spends 24 minutes every day making, fetching and drinking hot drinks, according to research by the water dispenser company, T6.

8 Tips on Handling Resignation of Your Best Employee

There is nothing more galling than your best employee handing in their notice while the less good ones show no signs of going anywhere.

How Can Organisations Support Working Carers?

"Only 21% of those with caring responsibilities have flexible-working agreements in place with their employer."

How Can HR Help Tackle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

The law stipulates that employers must protect employees from sexual harassment, under sex discrimination guidelines - this is not enough.

7 Tips on Making Your Tenure a Successful One

It’s important that you step up to the mark and do a good job in your boss’ absence, so here's how to ensure your tenure is as successful as it can be.

How Can HR Teams Prepare for Brexit?

Brexit makes for a lot of unanswered questions for people and businesses alike, and that's why HR needs to prepare now to help implement plans and solutions.