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How Does Your Career History Affect Future Job Opportunities?

How does your career history influence your job opportunities? We delve into the topic here.

Workplace Week: 10 Elements to Good Workplace Design

"This event features some of the UK’s most innovative and creative workplaces and highlights what makes them stand out from the average workplace."

Are Open Plan Offices Falling Out of Fashion?

"Lots of research has been conducted in the past few years that indicates that open plan offices are not what they were cracked up to be."

Why Are Millennials Earning Less Than Previous Generations?

"Those who entered the workplace during or after 2008 have faced even tighter pay constraints and job prospects."

10 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

Last week we talked about how a big chunk of the working day is lost every day, all because of time management issues.

Putting Innovation Into Practice

The idea of innovation is great, but putting it into practice takes more effort.