Putting Innovation Into Practice

Innovation is a term that is often branded around a lot by companies. ‘We are innovative’ they proclaim, alongside other USPs such as ‘Respected, forward-thinking, credible’. However, how many companies actually put this into practice?

Everyone wants to be seen as innovative. It’s exciting. Afterall, you don’t want to say you are ‘dull, backward thinking or archaic’ do you?

When I joined DPG, I was told at my induction that our motto was ‘Credible, Flexible and Innovative’. I naturally accepted this as a new employee, but equally took it with a pinch of salt until I saw real evidence that this was the case.

It only took me a few weeks to start to realise that DPG really does practice what it preaches. The industry-leading DPG community allows learners to share, discuss and support their studies (no other CIPD provider has this). DPG is always innovating it’s CIPD programmes and introducing new content to make them relevant to the workplace.

One of the things I love about DPG is that new ideas are always being generated, and we have a really dynamic workforce. One of the examples of our innovative approaches came just last week.

I set my Digital Marketing Assistant the task of creating an innovative social media campaign that would not only increase our followers, but that would also help to emphasise our brand promise of being ‘innovative’.

Debora over exceeded my expectations by jumping on the #BlueMonday trend on Twitter and gave away prizes each hour to cheer people up on what was the most-depressing day of the year. It worked a treat, and we gained an extra 1000 followers on Twitter, 200 extra likes on Facebook and a multitude of retweets. Buying followers you may say? I’d disagree. Many of these new followers have stayed a week on, and there has been a certain upsurge in the traction on our social media account. Not only that but we saw a definite increase in web visits as people decided to find out ‘exactly who are DPG?’. The long-term impact of this campaign is not yet known, however, at least they will be in no question that we are innovative.