Thinking About a Career in HR?

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t for you? Are you ready for a career change? Have you thought about a career in Human Resources (HR)?

Techniques to Read People – Making Sense of Truth and Lies in an L&D Setting

Yet, getting to the truth is valuable for a coach or facilitator who is able to use the skills responsibly in support of a person’s development.

What Makes a Great Workplace?

People want to work for organisations that invest in them and keep giving them new learning opportunities. That’s a great workplace.

Should We Forget Learning and Focus on Performance?

As we try to come to terms with the ghastly implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, how we measure the performance of our organisations has never been more important.

The Benefits of Completing a Course in L&D Right Now

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on most Learning and Development budgets.

What is the Best Leadership Approach During a Crisis?

What an impact an inspirational leader can make! Is it surprising that for years so many have sought to understand the magic of leadership?

There’s Nothing Facile about Facilitation

Facilitating groups and helping individuals with their learning has been a career-long interest of mine.

The New World Kirkpatrick Model

What is the New World Kirkpatrick Model and what does it mean for Learning and Development? We discuss here.

8 Top Tips to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking

A fear of public speaking isn’t something that needs to hold back your career. We've created a list of 8 simple tricks and techniques.

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is all about celebrating the use of digital technology within Learning and Development (L&D) and education.

Why Should I Study For a CIPD Qualification?

It’s not so much a case of ‘Why would I study for a CIPD qualification?’ as ‘Why wouldn’t I?’.