Thinking About a Career in HR?

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t for you? Are you ready for a career change? Have you thought about a career in Human Resources (HR)?

The Course Designed To Make You AND Your Organisation Better!

CIPD Level 7 blended Human Resource Management is a very different kind of program to some of the others that we offer.

Helping Learners (and my Mum!) to Connect in a ‘COVID-19’ World

I was lucky enough to specialise in using technology for learning, long before most companies had a focus on it.

The New World Kirkpatrick Model

What is the New World Kirkpatrick Model and what does it mean for Learning and Development? We discuss here.

DPG Announces Strategic Partnership with LPI

The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) has joined forces with Developing People Globally (DPG) to help organisations realise the full potential of their people skills and digital competencies.

Overcoming Period Stigma in the Workplace

To uncover the extent of period stigma in UK workplaces, we’ve surveyed 2,000 menstruators about their experiences. Here's what we found.  

Why Should I Study For a CIPD Qualification?

It’s not so much a case of ‘Why would I study for a CIPD qualification?’ as ‘Why wouldn’t I?’.

How Do I Qualify for HR Jobs?

While it’s possible to get an entry level HR job without any actual HR qualifications, it’s not easy.

Are CIPD Qualifications Worth It?

CIPD qualifications are internationally recognised and highly regarded in the HR and L&D industries around the world.

How to Combat the Potential Brain-Drain Caused by Brexit

Whatever your opinion on Brexit, the 29th March is only drawing nearer and with it comes a plethora of potential issues for employers.