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Learner Stories: Npower

In Short

Npower decided to develop a cohesive programme to train new managers as well as middle managers. In house, they agreed upon gaining accreditation and chose ILM over CMI as they felt it gave them more of a balance between theory and practical application. They went out to tender for ILM levels 3 and 5 for 1500 managers and met with a number of organisations before choosing DPG.

Npower recognised that Learning and Development were running different programmes countrywide but lacked a consistent and collective approach that could not only embed behavioural change but demonstrate a return on investment.

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DPG were not only able to provide the desired accredited programmes but also help Npower future proof their leadership and management initiatives by incorporating a train the trainer programme to empower Npower to ultimately run their programmes themselves without an external provider.

Within Npower teams in Learning & Development and People Development carried out extensive in-company research on all the existing programmes with two fundamental questions in mind:
Do we really change behaviour?
Are we getting value for money?

Working with managers and their teams, they established the behaviours they were seeing at the time and what they would like to see in the future identifying the key changes in performance to translate into achievable KPIs. This research resulted in 126 awareness statements ie I am aware of xxx and the thing I am going to do differently in the future is xxx.

Working with DPG, these awareness statements as well as some existing npower Leadership and Management content, were mapped against the ILM criteria and translated into a modular learning framework.

In addition to Leadership and Management programmes, there were also a number of Continuous Improvement initiatives running. Collaborating with the CI team, all the learners who took part in the Initiate and Integrate programmes also undertook Continuous Improvement training. Each learner undertook a business project as part of their journey to demonstrate their improvement as well as evidence the return on investment. The Learning and Development team monitored all the business projects and were able to show the utilisation of resources and importantly put a number to it. That number amounted to £4.2million.

Npower had recognised that it did not have the internal capacity or capability to run the programme hence going to tender however, it did want to develop a strong team for the future. DPG designed and ran a Train the Trainer programme to empower and assist npower with their organisational development for the future. At the beginning of the Initiate and Integrate programme, DPG facilitated 90% whilst npower did the remaining 10%. By year three, these roles were reversed.

Testimonial from Andrew Hurren Head of Learning & Development npower
The co-design and delivery approach taken with this project meant that we had the best of both worlds. DPG provided their considerable knowhow in management development theory and best practice, while we were able to ensure that the programme resonated with our managers by giving it a distinct “npower flavour”. DPG proved to be excellent partners in collaboration and provided a very robust process for us to ensure that as we assumed the role of programme delivery, all of our trainers were able to obtain the necessary accreditation to deliver the ILM standards. Their support, advice and flexibility were vital ingredients in the successful delivery of what was a major development initiative.

A large proportion of npower’s front line managers benefitted from the considerable learning opportunity provided by this programme and it demonstrates how important it is to include a practical and collaborative learning environment even in these days of digital and blended learning.

Testimonial from Russell Harvey, Lead People Development Manager
Russell no longer works at npower but is available to talk about the programme.

When I was the Lead People Development Manager at RWE npower I project-led and was part of the Delivery Team for what was to become the Initiate and Integrate ILM programme at RWE npower.

When we conducted our Procurement “Beauty Parade”, DPG came out as a clear preferred choice, as our panel believed they were the organisation who had clearly listened most closely to our brief and “got” what we were wanting to achieve. Throughout a 3 year working relationship, I dealt with many key contacts at DPG. A Commercial Director, Project Manager, Leadership Facilitators, ILM specialists and a few others. Every person I dealt with role-modelled the principle of collaborating with us as a partnership, which I really appreciated. From a commercial and project perspective they were highly professional, relationship-focussed and highly patient with the ongoing delivery of the programmes as RWE npower also under-went many, many changes throughout this time!

I always welcomed DPG’s wisdom, knowledge, positive attitude, professionalism and generally supportive approach to what we wanted to achieve, they were all hugely instrumental in the success of the programmes. Having them by our side as we went through an in-depth train the trainer approach was incredibly valuable.

They went above and beyond on many occasions and for that I was eternally grateful.

DPG know what they’re doing and can deliver.

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