10 Reasons to Study with DPG

It can be a harrowing task researching the abundance of learning providers out there, comparing and contrasting which can offer what qualifications, in what format, and at what price.

At DPG, however, we like to think that making the decision to study with us is one that’s rather easy to come to.

If you’re not convinced, below we list 10 reasons why you should study with DPG, from our immersive CIPD training to our all-star pass rates.


1. Bespoke Training

At DPG, we deliver globally respected qualifications from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), helping people from a broad range of industries and specialisms with their career development.

We specialise in delivering highly sought-after HR and L&D CIPD programmes, taught at levels 3, 5, and 7 for those looking to gain the advanced knowledge and skills they need to excel in the people profession.

2. Exceptional Experience 

Speaking of our CIPD qualifications, we’ve been accredited CIPD providers for more than 30 years, meaning we have an abundance of professional experience delivering top-quality CIPD course material that can be applied directly to your current HR or L&D role.

In other words, you know you’re in good hands when you study with DPG.


3. Flexible Learning

Learning with DPG is great because it gives you the opportunity to study flexibly, as and when you want to with flexible start dates, workshops, and assessments.

To add, not only do we offer 100% online programmes, but we also offer blended programmes that can fit easily around your busy schedule - whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or need some wiggle room around your daily commitments.

It all comes down to when and how you’d like to learn!

4. Affordable Qualifications 

We would say that oftentimes the best element to enhance flexibility is affordability, and when you study with DPG, we’re proud to bring both to the table.
Not only do we offer interest-free payment plans (with no additional hidden fees), available for 12 to 30 months depending on which qualification you choose.

We also offer a Price Match Guarantee*, meaning we’ll match the price offered for any like-for-like course you may find with another provider.


5. Award-Winning Community 

When you study with DPG you’ll have the added benefit of gaining full access to our award-winning DPG Professional Development Community, an online resource entirely dedicated to your professional development, including:

  • Immediate access to current industry news
  • Awareness of upcoming industry events
  • Access to talent management tools, mentoring, and career advice
  • Access to a broad and informative e-library
  • Incredible peer support, where users can contact like-minded people professionals for advice and insight from anywhere, and finally
  • Free HR training via our exclusive HRGo! Programme.

What’s more, even after you’ve finished studying with DPG, you’ll still have exclusive access to The DPG Professional Development Community for additional support and insights as you progress in your career.

6. Unlimited Support 

Aside from the support you’ll receive from The DPG Community, when you study via online or blended learning with us, we’ll help personalise the unlimited tutor support that’s included in the cost of your programme as well as incredible support from our Learner Experience Team - all of whom will ensure your learning journey is a smooth and successful process.

To add, if it’s been a while since you last studied and you’re looking for a little additional support, we offer live Q&A webinars that are interactive and discussion-led, giving you the chance to ask questions to your delegates and talk to your peers about your programme and experience in a comfortable environment.


7. Zero Exams

We all tend to dread exams, especially when there always seems to be so much going on between work, life, and family commitments.

With DPG, however, we take away that little bit of added pressure by providing qualifications that don’t require an exam component. Instead, our professional qualifications focus on theory and skills development with various assignments mixed.

This way you can learn as you go, avoid cramming the night before a big test and benefit from more practical evaluation.

8. Rave Reviews

We have more than 25,000 students who have enrolled on our programmes over the years, rating DPG as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with 96% of our learners recommending our services.

We’re also trusted by global market leaders, including ASDA, British Gas, and the NHS, working with organisations big and small to develop, nurture, and enhance individuals and teams.


9. All-Star Pass Rates

To add to our incredible reviews, at DPG we’re also well known for our exceptional service and support for students, helping them to contribute to our incredible 96.3% pass rate as well as a 96% course satisfaction rate.

To further back up our claims, you can even check out our DPG Learner Stories, all of which document the success and advancement of some of our CIPD students.

10. The DPG Difference 

Our innovative learning approach and passion for HR and L&D form what we consider to be our core purpose at DPG.

We are committed to delivering excellence and have helped thousands of learners with their professional development over the past three decades, creating a best-in-class experience that’s unrivaled by similar providers.

That’s the DPG Difference.

Interested in stepping up your HR and L&D strategies? Learn the flexible way and enrol on a professional CIPD programme with us today to get started.

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