Where Can a CIPD Qualification Take You?

Take your HR or L&D career to the next level with an online CIPD qualification.

Qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) are considered to be the gold standard in HR and L&D training across the world and have long been considered the leading professional body for people professionals, offering courses suitable for every stage in your career. 

While CIPD qualifications aren't always a requirement for HR and L&D professionals to land a job, they can without a doubt give you a leg up on the competition as well as enhance your CV.

Whether you’re starting out in HR or L&D, switching careers, or are already a seasoned professional, below we provide you with an overview of where a CIPD qualification can take you in your professional career. 

1) Boost your skills and knowledge

CIPD are globally recognised qualifications, which have become the benchmark for professional development in the HR and L&D industries. With qualifications targeted at every stage of an HR professional’s career, CIPD courses allow you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to perform your job with efficiency and confidence. Gaining a CIPD qualification will also give you a better shot at pursuing your dream job.

2) Enhance your CV

It’s not a new concept that professional qualifications can contribute to your career development. However, with CIPD qualifications being the global benchmark for HR and L&D qualification, they’re far more desirable than any other run of the mill industry qualification available. Displaying a CIPD qualification on your CV will undoubtedly give you far more credibility than any other qualification out there could. 

For employers, CIPD qualifications are also ideal, as they suggest that certified employees have already received the best and most current training available.

3) Showcase your industry credibility and commitment 

Besides enhancing your CV, gaining a CIPD qualification also demonstrates your credibility and commitment to the industry.

It goes without saying that gaining any qualification requires dedication, hard work, motivation, time and ambition, and seeing that most employers highly value CIPD, they naturally also value individuals who invest their time and effort in bettering themselves and their careers. 

4) Progress your career with CIPD

Successfully completing a CIPD qualification will set you into the right direction for your career development, allowing you to upscale to better positions, relative to the qualification you have gained. Regardless of your level of experience, actively trying to improve your knowledge and skills with industry qualifications will, without a doubt, help you move up the career ladder and gain a higher position in your company, or a different organisation: 

5) Earn the salary you deserve 

Once you have completed your CIPD qualification, you can actively start seeking roles and salaries which are equivalent to the certification you have gained. Based on data and insights gathered by Indeed, a worldwide employment website for job listings, we have compiled a short list of a few of the job positions, and their respective average salaries, you could apply for after receiving your qualification. 

  • Entry-level Roles: HR Administrative Assistant - national average salary of £21,296 per year.
  • Mid-level Roles: HR Officer - national average salary of £26,106 per year.
  • Senior Roles: HR Manager - national average salary of £40,481 per year.

6) Become a CIPD member and enhance your network

CIPD qualifications can without a question open up many doors for you, allowing you to pursue the career and salary you deserve and have always hoped for.

However, one of the most significant benefits gained from these qualifications is the CIPD Membership you can gain upon studying a CIPD qualification. Currently supporting almost 160,000 members, CIPD’s membership programme is internationally recognised and can help further showcase your knowledge and contributions in today’s workplace. 

Once you enrol on a CIPD course, you automatically gain Student Member status and as you progress in your studies and take on higher levels of CIPD qualifications, you can also achieve higher levels of CIPD membership (i.e. Foundation Member, Associate Member, Chartered Member, or Chartered Fellow) depending on what stage you’re on in your career. 

CIPD membership, regardless of level, offers members a wide range of benefits. From up-to-date industry-related news to immeasurable networking opportunities, the membership provides you with all the support you need to make a difference and succeed in your HR career. 


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