Getting Back into Study Mode – A Useful Guide

You might remember studying at school, college or university as it wasn’t too long ago. Alternatively, it may have been years since you have studied and have forgotten what formal education is like.

Some things that you may be thinking about though, are how to advance your career, gain a promotion, get into a new role or industry AND ultimately earn more money. Sound familiar?

One way in which you can advance your career and boost your earning prospects is through a professional qualification. It can however, be quite nerve-racking and scary to undertake a formal qualification. It’s natural to feel worried about the pressure of studying again, ‘going back to school’ and becoming a student again.

We have been talking to people about their professional development for over 25 years, so we understand the stresses, we understand the doubts, and, we know how to help you through your studies while working as an already busy professional.

Over the years we have answered many questions about undertaking a qualification, so we have pulled together some of the most common questions with the aim to help settle any nerves you have, and get you on the path of developing yourself.

1) “How can I manage my time when I’m studying?”
We understand that real life doesn’t stop when studying begins, everyone has their own commitments, whether it’s family life, or social commitments we all have something to factor in. Because of this, our courses have been designed so that you can work at your own pace, whenever it suits you with regular updates with your personal facilitator to keep you on track. Of course, we provide useful guides and resources for you and will help you to manage your schedule wherever we can. You will also have access to regularly scheduled workshops and/or online webinars, which you will be made aware of way ahead of time so you can put in any plans you need to.

2) “How will I stay motivated during the programme?”
Staying motivated is a struggle for everyone sometimes, but by keeping that end goal in mind, you will manage!!! We suggest getting a strong support network around you, people that will push you to keep going if you are starting to dither. Schedule in small blocks of study time where you can sit and concentrate on nothing else during that time, and take a lot of breaks. A professional qualification shouldn’t be a chore; they can be fun as long as you programme the time in to suit you. Just think about how proud you will be when you get that certificate at the end…. That’s motivation enough for anyone.

3) “I’m worried about going back into a classroom environment…”
Re-entering the classroom after a few years out is very daunting, but our workshops are not designed to feel like school or college , we have a range of activities to get you up on your feet, working in groups, engaging with one another and asking all the questions you need to. You will also have online classrooms where you can engage with your facilitator and fellow learners, share experiences and get advice from one another. These online sessions are a great way to chat from the comfort of your own home.

4) “Will I be able to afford the programme?”
It may seem like a big cost to begin with, but think of your qualification as an investment, think of the benefits that you will reap once you are qualified. We want everyone to be able to develop themselves, because of this, we offer a number of different payment options that will help you to afford the programme by paying in smaller, more affordable chunks.

5) “I’m worried I might not pass!”
There is always a fear of not passing, but we have put in all the measures we can think of to help you feel confident you can pass. Your facilitators are there to develop your skills and knowledge and we have created a host of resources for you to help you out if you are feeling a little nervous!! You will have quizzes, and questions throughout your online materials that will give you a safe place to fail before you start your assessment. You will also find help on our award-winning community, where people just like you are asking questions, contributing ideas and resources.

6) “How will I apply what I’m learning?”

We know it’s difficult to apply theory into the real world, so we have created a range of case study organisations which you can fully immerse yourself into. You’ll join these organisations as a virtual member of the team. Throughout your learning journey people from within these case study organisations will pose questions and scenarios to you, which you must respond to and therefore apply your learning into real situations. This way, when you get asked something in your role – you may have already answered it in the virtual world.

7) “Will I get an NUS card?”
Yes, you will be entitled to an NUS card, which will give you access to a huge range of discounts, and it’s so easy to apply for! Perks of getting back into studying eh!?

So, are you still worried about stepping into studying? We hope these common questions have helped a little, but if you have anything else on your mind please do give us a call on 0330 660 0220, and we will try to settle any nerves you have.

Or just click contact us at the top right of the page, and you will find all the details you need, or join us on the DPG community, where you will find loads of great content and you will be able to chat to other people who are in the same position as you are!