Trainer Performance Monitoring & Assessment (TPMA)

Ensure your trainers are working to the highest industry standards

What is a TPMA course? Why assess trainers?

A Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA) course is an industry-recognised method of assessing the competency of trainers and training programmes.

Although trainers may know their subjects like the back of their hand, they may not be the most effective communicators. TPMA ensures that organisations and trainees are receiving quality-assured training across all courses.

What are the benefits of the course?

Implementing TPMA as a standard monitoring and assessment programme ensures a number of benefits, including:

  • Training maintained to the highest industry standards
  • Course delegates acquire a tailored learning experience, which is highly relevant to their respective industry and workplace
  • Trainers become more confident in their abilities and performance
  • A consistent approach and adherence to TPMA certification instils confidence in a company and can help to win new business

How does a TPMA course work?

Rather than focusing on the specific knowledge of the trainer, a Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment course focuses on the needs of the learner. This inverted approach allows trainers to better understand how their audience best consumes new information, giving the trainer the knowledge to appropriately deliver it. 

TPMA assessments are all carried out in a live working environment. Not only is this a more practical way to carry out the course, but it also gives trainers the confidence that their performance current role will be positively enhanced.

In order to assure the ongoing quality of performance, regular independently-governed assessment sessions will take place.

TPMA is recognised by Microsoft

A TPMA certificate is one of only a handful of certificates that are globally recognised by Microsoft. By qualifying for TPMA certification, Microsoft trainers from anywhere in the world can demonstrate that they have reached a level of instructional delivery of the same standards as the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) programme.

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