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Benefits of the LPI Capability Map

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What is The LPI Capability Map? 

The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) Capability Map is a tool that defines the 25 most essential skills for modern, effective and future-ready Learning and Development (L&D) teams.

The map is generated from self-assessment data gathered from learning professionals in 67 countries across 38 industries. The highest skill results on the map show where L&D is succeeding, while the lowest show where it needs attention. 

LPI Capability Map

Who is the map for?

The LPI Capability Map is a valuable asset to a number of different individuals and teams who are employed in the workplace learning sector:

  • Individuals: As an individual, the map gives you the ability to assess your current skills and compare them with those of your peers. The LPI Capability Map highlights your strongest areas and shows where you can make improvements.
  • Learning departments and Managers: Assess entire teams to see a broader view of L&D skills. By using the LPI Capability Map  as a heat map, you can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the whole department and compare to industry averages.
  • Buyers of learning services: By insisting that external trainers and L&D contractors have been assessed via the map, you can ensure that people with the relevant skills are being deployed to the right projects.
  • Suppliers of learning services: By putting your consultants and contractors through the LPI Capability Map, you’ll strengthen your proposition when tendering for projects.
  • Researchers: The LPI Capability Map is one of the largest views of an L&D professional’s skill set, compared to an industry standard. With the data available, researchers are given a unique insight into the skills held by learning professionals today.

What are the benefits of the map?

As a competency framework for learning and development, the LPI Capability Map offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • The skills included are not based on a specific process or job role
  • The tool is free for non-commercial use
  • The map comes with a free online tool designed for self-assessment
  • The skills in the map are defined across levels (not true for all frameworks0
  • There is a dedicated maintenance programme for the framework

No matter how roles are structured in your organisation, you will find that the LPI Capability Map can help you easily attribute any role/business structure. The map is flexible and can apply to a range of contexts.

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Assess Your Skills

The LPI Capability Map assesses 25 skills across 5 categories. You won’t possess all these skills but you may be part of a team that does possess them collectively. This is what the LPI Capability Map can determine.

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