Performance Consultancy Masterclass (PCM)

Learn how to provide businesses with strategic advice

What you will learn

Understand the true business need behind solution requests

Build effective solutions that deliver business results

Improve communication and build trust

Demonstrate and measure ROI

Become a trusted business advisor

What is a PCM masterclass?

A Performance Consulting Masterclass (PCM) course will equip you with the tools and know-how to provide businesses with informed advice and strategies for improvement. As a performance consultant, you’ll not only be able to identify key areas for improvement but will be able to offer solutions that align with core business values.

Who should take a PCM course?

A Performance Consulting Masterclass is ideal for developing skills in workplace learning and HR professionals. Those who want to progress their abilities can use a PCM to assess business objectives, implement strategies and measure results.

What will I learn on a PCM course?

By embarking on a PCM course, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Understand the business needs of solution requests: Find out what a business really wants and needs. Learn how to assess issues like gaps in performance and link solutions with business objectives.
  • Build effective solutions to deliver business results: Learn how to use new tools to design integrated solutions that close performance gaps and leverage existing organisational initiatives.
  • Build trust and improve communication: Promote company-wide support of performance improvement initiatives. Get templates and guidance on how to best implement your plans in an organised and influential way.
  • Demonstrate and measure ROI: Learn simple techniques to accurately track the results of your improvements. You’ll use these methods to demonstrate return on investment and improved business metrics.
  • Show yourself to be a trusted advisor: Rather than providing training to help tick a box, show you’re a respected business consultant with a track record of creating solutions that have positively impacted performance.

Completing your certification

Delegates who pass the assignments are awarded the PCM Certification and are permitted to use, display and share the official PCM digital badge. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Performance Consulting masterclass utilises exercises, discussions and exercises to hone your skillset. You’ll learn both with workbooks and classroom training over the course of two full days in groups of 6—12 people.

Though you don’t need any specific qualifications to take a PCM course, any prior experience may help to get you off on the right foot. There is also an optional pre-work exercise that can give you a flavour of the course before you dive in.

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