Management Styles According to The Lion King

The Lion King is unquestionably a film about leadership, and it portrays almost as many types of leaders as it does animals. 

A lot has changed since the original came out in 1994, however, and we’re not just talking about CGI. For one thing, we’ve expanded our professional repertoire from peddling Thin Mint cookies to working real jobs in actual companies. As such, we can’t help but wonder how these characters would function in the everyday workplace.

What would it be like to report to Simba, for example? What about Zazu, Mufasa or Scar? How would each of their management styles materialize if we swapped the water hole for the water cooler? What would we be able to learn from them?

We decided to explore these questions by imagining seven different Lion King leaders transplanted from the African savannah to the office. We’ve identified their distinctive values, philosophy and management styles, as well as areas for improvement. There is also a nifty little quiz for you to determine which Lion King character best resembles your management style! (Scroll to the end for the quiz!).

Lion King Management Styles

Original article published by Venngage. Read the full article and take the quiz.