What Makes a Good Manager?

All too often, people are promoted on the basis of technical competence – ie. because they are good at doing their job.

Managers – Competence OR Style?

Whether we like it or not every manager has a management competency level and a management style.

Self-beliefs, Success, and Fleas

Our beliefs have a profound influence on our success in work and in life – whatever our goals.

Management Styles According to The Lion King

The Lion King is unquestionably a film about leadership – and it has management lessons that we can all learn something from!

The Only Thing Certain – Is Uncertainty

One hundred per cent certainty is hard to come by, but it’s what some people want when they have to make a difficult decision.

Celebrating Success

No-one likes a show off; a constant feed of “look at how good we are” blogs would turn most people off, including us.