What is the Best Leadership Approach During a Crisis?

What an impact an inspirational leader can make! Is it surprising that for years so many have sought to understand the magic of leadership?

LPI Accreditation—A DPG Facilitator’s Experience

The recent partnership between DPG and the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) has given me the chance to qualify as an accreditation mentor for learning departments with the LPI.

The Benefits of Completing a Course in L&D Right Now

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on most Learning and Development budgets.

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is all about celebrating the use of digital technology within Learning and Development (L&D) and education.

Learning How to Learn

Barbara Oakley has a lot to say about learning how to learn. An awful lot. There’s this TEDx talk that has received multiple viewings

The 10 Key Tactics to Boost Your Organisational Impact

Data from the 2016 Towards Maturity Benchmark report, “Unlocking Potential,” provides a fresh insight into the L&D tactics that lead to the greatest organisational success.

Tips for Building a More Agile Learning Environment

This year’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development L&D Show has been taking place this week in London’s Olympia.

Are You Correctly Measuring Employee Engagement?

There are two very important questions that L&D needs to ask itself and business leaders when measuring employee engagement.

Working Out Loud

The term ‘Working out Loud’ has not been around long, but it’s gaining traction in the business world.