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SallyAnn Coleman

Head of Corporate Learning, DPG

In Short

Doing a DPG programme not only gives you the industry knowledge that you need to advance, but is collaborative and supportive and has enabled me to gain fresh perspective and insights

Why did you choose DPG?

Doing a DPG programme not only gives you the industry knowledge that you need to advance but is collaborative and supportive. My experience of the facilitators is that they were always on hand to help and offer advice often in the evenings when I was doing my assignments after work. Everyone was really friendly and I met great people who I am still in touch with – social get-togethers now!

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What were your goals when starting the programme and did you reach them?

My professional objective is to be personally credible. In choosing to do the CIPD Level 5 in Learning & Development, my goals were to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Learning and Development
  • Develop my knowledge of learning styles and technology
  • Use L&D knowledge to identify areas to improve business performance
  • Understand and use evaluation methodology

Doing the programme has enabled me to gain fresh perspective and insights and then cascade new thoughts and ideas from the workshops with both my colleagues and clients alike. I particularly valued the sessions on OD and evaluation and went on to study Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation and gain my bronze accreditation as a direct result of it.

How did the programme help your understanding of L&D?

In more recent times there has been a notable step change and L&D is no longer simply a training provider but a learning facilitator. This shift allows it to align itself correctly with the business strategy and provide long lasting solutions for continuous business improvement, organisational development and the establishment of goals with the stakeholders from the outset. My eyes have been properly opened to the value of HR and L&D to the business as a whole and not just as a reaction to a training requirement. Technology and the use of E-learning is growing at a pace so I found it useful to discover tools that others were using successfully which I now use myself such as the learning aid Elephant’s don’t forget.  Having more in-depth knowledge and now armed with the facts and figures to support arguments fully, my collaboration with others is much richer and more rewarding as a result.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

I really enjoyed the workshops which were both informative and great fun. All the delegates got really involved in the activities and sharing their views. Meeting people from different organisations meant I was able to see how L&D is interpreted in other industries so I got a real understanding of it as a whole.

Having completed the CIPD Level 5 in L&D, SallyAnn went on to gain her Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification and the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employment Law. If you would like to speak with her about any of the qualifications or tools then you can reach her at sallyann.coleman@dpgplc.co.uk

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