Kate French

CIPD Learner Stories: Kate French

In Short

DPG have the experience, understand how to guide you through when you face barriers and were extremely supportive. The way the DPG Community is set up enabled me to continue working and pace my studies to run in parallel with my work.

Why did you choose DPG?

I was about 10 months into the programme when my daughter developed a chronic condition which needed regular hospital visits.  The combination of this, working and the qualification became too much for me to juggle.  I spoke to the DPG team about the dilemma and, without exception, they found different ways for me to defer and resume the programme at a later date.

When I did resume, I continued to enjoy the programme and got further down the line with each module and assignment.  Unfortunately, life events then took over again; the company I worked for went into liquidation and I became ill myself.  At this stage, I really thought that I would have to give up the course as I was unable to keep up sufficient momentum and missed a number of the scheduled residential programmes.  I was upset as I had done so much work.

The DPG team, again, supported me and accommodated the elements of the course I had missed and allowed me to reschedule.  I had to work really hard myself and I cannot pretend that I found it easy but the relief I felt when I passed the final module made it all worthwhile.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting a programme with DPG?

So now I have a Level 7 CIPD qualification of which I am very proud.  None of the things that happened during the course could have been predicted and I am so relieved that I had the support of the DPG team to help me to completion.

If you are thinking of taking the CIPD Level 5 or the Level 7 qualification, I encourage you to do it through DPG.  They have the experience, understand how to guide you through when you face barriers and were unfailingly supportive.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.

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