John Airnes

CIPD Learner Stories: John Airnes

People Directorate Cluster Manager – North East Oasis Community Learning

In short

I started off as an Ops Manager at a MAT Academy, becoming increasingly more involved with HR. After taking DPG’s CIPD Level 7 in Employment law programme, I’m now the Area Manager in the North East of the country overseeing 9 Academies. The structure of the programme was excellent and you get quality time with the facilitators.

Why did you choose DPG?

I wasn’t sure who to progress with to start with and emailed three or four organisations who ran the course. The timely & friendly manner which DPG responded, and continued to supply me with answers to all my questions saw them head and shoulders above any of the other organisations. Once I saw the structure of the qualification, the detail of the course and their affiliation with CIPD themselves it was a no-brainer.

What were your goals at the start of the course?

At the time I was an Ops manager at one of a MAT’s Academies, who had increasingly become more and more involved with HR and saw it as an area I wanted to progress into.  I was advised by a member of our National HR team to look into gaining my CIPD Level 7 in employment law.  After carrying this out I’m now the Area Manager in the North East of the country overseeing 9 Academies which was the ultimate goal.  I wanted to gain that knowledge of employment law and the course that DPG conducted, and the resources provided certainly did this.  It also gave me the opportunity to share knowledge / best practice with colleagues in similar roles / different organisations during the 2-day workshop I attended.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting the program with DPG?

If you are seeking your CIPD qualifications, whether it be level 3 or Level 7, I would encourage you to contact DPG – I’m that confident that once you make contact yourselves it wouldn’t even take any encouragement from me!  The structure of the course is excellent, issuing resources & access to online forums before carrying out a 2-day workshop with your tutor and fellow students, then having plenty of time and guidance for the final assessment, with the ability to contact your tutor if unsure of anything and able to contact others conducting the course on the forum.  The 2-day course is small in numbers as well, so you get a quality time with the facilitator & a good rapport with the others in attendance as well.

What would be your top tips for someone actually starting this course?

I’ve managed to complete the employment law aspect whilst working full time and having a 14-month-old baby at home too – so time management is crucial!  What I would say is paramount is making the most of the two days with the facilitator, really concentrating, constantly asking them questions and gaining information from what truly is an expert.  You’ll find the exercises & final assessment writes itself.

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