Why Do I Need to Become CIPD Qualified?

At DPG, we are passionate about HR and L&D. It’s our specialism and all our programmes contain the latest and most innovative thinking, whether it’s an entry level course like this one or one our more advanced programmes. Our goal is to develop the L&D professionals needed not just today, but also tomorrow. And not just in terms of current CIPD specifications and requirements, but also in terms of innovative thinking and forward-looking practice. For us, it’s not just about getting our participants through a qualification, it’s about helping you to be the best HR or L&D professional you can be and to really make an impact in your organisation.

To kick-start your career we have partnered up with the CIPD to provide an entry level L&D qualification – Level 3 CIPD in L&D. It is ideally suited for anyone trying to gain a foothold in L&D or advance their existing knowledge, skills and experience. We are the only provider that can boast Feefo gold status. What is Feefo gold status and how do you get it? Feefo is a global feedback engine and achieving gold status means that 95% of the L&D professionals who rated our Level 3 CIPD L&D course gave us ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ across a four point scale.

Completing our Level 3 CIPD L&D will give you a really good, solid grounding in L&D principles and practices. You will gain lots of valuable and practical insights into different aspects of L&D, such as identifying development needs and designing, evaluating and delivering effective L&D activities.

It will also automatically give you CIPD Associate membership and all the benefits that brings.

We use our extensive networks to keep our programme content relevant, compelling and ahead of the game. Who are our networks? Big names in the industry such as the CIPD, Towards Maturity, ATD, People Alchemy and Kirkpatrick partners, for example. The Kirkpatrick partnership has recognised us as the sole UK provider of Kirkpatrick accreditation for trainers and you will get a taste of the new world Kirkpatrick model in our Level 3 L&D programmes.

Our programme content is developed through our network of facilitators. Each programme has a lead facilitator who acts a subject matter expert. We know where L&D is going and they know the programme – together we can create the best content and that content is updated annually so that it stays current and relevant.

On this course you won’t be “taught” how to be a trainer. You will be engaged in your learning and expected to participate in it and play an active part. You will be supported in this by your facilitator. Our facilitator support is second to none.

The DPG community has a really important role to play in all our courses and it is something that is unique to our programmes. You will have the continual support of your facilitator and can talk privately to them and be guided by them. You will also have access to your peers on the programme in a private group. You will be able to schedule to meet this group and post to the group whenever you need help.

Then there is the wider DPG community, those people sharing information and experience on other programmes. We also have a dedicated L&D zone facilitated by the award-winning L&D expert, Martin Couzins. He keeps the Zone up to date with all the latest thinking and will respond to your queries. The Zone encourages all of our L&D learners, past and present, to engage with each other, talk and share experiences and knowledge. This is ongoing – even after you complete your programme and have your certification, you can still engage here and continue learning.

Our programmes all have a case study company at their heart. This means that you act as the L&D professional for the case study company and get to try out ideas and techniques and learn from those experiences in a safe environment before applying it for real in your own role. Need to trial a learning needs analysis? Do it in our case study company. Need to explore the 70:20:10 framework? Do it in our case study company. This facility is invaluable.

Last, but certainly not least, at DPG we run regular workshops throughout the programme so that you meet up face to face with your peer group. At these workshops, your facilitator will encourage you to try out and test the skills you are learning to see how far you have progressed and identify what areas need further developing. These are fun, lively, engaging and highly rewarding events.

It is this mix of people, our approach and learning methods that make us at DPG different from our competitors.

In brief:
• Only CIPD Provider with Feefo gold status
• 24/7 support via our award winning DPG Online Community
• CIPD approved facilitation team
• Real world applications & unique case study approach
• Fast track programmes

  • 98% recommendation rate from our CIPD graduates