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Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiatives in the Workplace: A Guide for HR Professionals

Organisations are no starting to recognise the importance of prioritising employee mental health and wellbeing in demanding and fast-paced work environments. This blog serves as a guide for HR professionals, with initiatives that can be implemented to safeguard employee mental health and wellbeing.

What Are the Benefits of CIPD Membership?

We're highlighting the benefits of CIPD Membership so you can get the most out of your investment.

What is CIPD Level 7? HR Qualifications Explained

In our third and final blog of the CIPD HR Levels series, we explain the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in-depth so you can better understand if this incredible qualification is one that will benefit you moving forward.

What Recruiters are Looking for in 2024

In a competitive job market, understanding what recruiters are looking for can help you stand out from the competition and secure your dream role. This blog highlights what recruiters are looking for this year, to steer you in the right direction.

What is CIPD Level 5? HR Qualifications Explained

This month we’re taking a closer look at the associate level qualification offered by the CIPD. Take a read to see if it's the right course for you!

The 8 Most Essential Skills in 2024

HR professionals play a pivotal role in the operations of organisations across the world, so having skilled HR teams is imperative for companies to reach success in 2024, while allowing those in the role to navigate it with ease and thrive.

How Long Does It Take to Get CIPD Qualified?

We give you a rundown on how long it takes to get CIPD qualified at Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7 so you know just how much of your valuable time a CIPD qualification will take up while working full-time.

How to Boost Your Employability in 2024

Here we discuss how to boost your employability in 2024 so you can land your next role with ease.

How Much Does a CIPD Qualification Cost?

We discuss how much CIPD qualifications can cost you to give you the best chance at spending your hard-earned money wisely while advancing your career.

7 Tips for Managing Employee Retention 2024

As employee priorities change, life and work are becoming quite distinct in importance, leading many to re-evaluate their motivations to stay in a job. For that, companies must introduce new employee retention strategies to meet the workforce's rising demands and minimise turnover.