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How can HR prevent the halo vs horns effect from creating tension at work?

Heard of the halo horns effect trap? It’s a cognitive bias in which a person’s perception of another person, group of people, company, brand or product determines how they view everything about them – their actions, behaviours, characteristics and beliefs.

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Brexit makes for a lot of unanswered questions for people and businesses alike, and that's why HR needs to prepare now to help implement plans and solutions.

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There is a growing trend towards what is commonly called walking meetings or ‘walk and talk’.

Are You Providing Equal Opportunities to Employees with Long-Term Health Issues?

"Resolution Foundation is calling for a 12-month ‘right to return’ period for employees with long term health condition and disabilities."

Will The New Payment Cap ‘Fit’ The Public Sector?

The government plans to introduce a cap on public sector exit payments this autumn.

Will Brexit Impact the UK Economy?

"There is little that HR can do to prepare for Brexit on the economic front, but it is best to be aware of the potential implications and outcomes."

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How you dress can say a lot about you, but how workplace dress codes ask you to dress can say a lot more.

How Will Brexit Affect EU Nationals Working in the UK?

Central to the whole debate about Brexit is of course the thorny issue of immigration.

10 Tips on How to Handle Difficult Conversations

There’s no escaping it: if you work in HR you are going to have to handle some difficult conversations.