5 Ways to Build a Successful Relationship with an Apprenticeship Provider

If you are looking for an apprenticeship provider for your organisation, there’s a myriad of choice. This presents solutions and problems. For example, how can you be sure what provider is right for you?

There’s a few things you can do to make the partnership worthwhile for everyone.

1) Define your business requirements

What’s your company culture and approach? What’s the business area/job role that you need to cover? What geographical areas and age groups will you target?

Thinking about these things will give you a strong idea as to what providers are relevant to you.

2) Check quality assessments

There are four quality-assurance bodies in the UK* that assess all providers. Have a look at assessment results to narrow down the number of providers. Generally, it’s recommended that you engage with providers that have been graded at least 2 (Good) or above.

One key thing to bear in mind is this: do the providers you are looking at understand your business? Do they deliver the relevant units that your apprentices need?

3) Set roles and targets

After picking your provider, ensure that you have an agreement that states the responsibilities and deliverables of both parties.

To simplify matters, select one person in your company that acts as a point of contact for the provider. You could even elect this person to liaise between the provider and the apprentice. This will enable you to regularly check the quality of provision.

4) Recruiting apprentices

Once a relationship has been established, your provider will be a broker between your company and the candidate. They will source, screen and recruit young people to the apprenticeship.

It’s highly beneficial if you work with your provider during the whole process. This means you can formulate an attractive job advert, and get the best candidates.

5) When things go wrong don’t panic!

Sometimes agreements go wrong. If you find the provider unsatisfactory, and you can’t come to a solution after discussing your issues, you have the right to seek an alternative provider.

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*Ofsted in England, the Education and Training Inspectorate in Northern Ireland, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education in Scotland, and Estyn in Wales