5 Things to Be Thankful for at Work This Year

During a year that’s been as trying as this one, you might be feeling that there’s a sheer lack of things to be thankful for.

The fact is though, if you have your health, your family, and a roof over your head, these are all things to be appreciative of in the face of the adversity most of us have been facing around the globe - and we’re not just talking about the pandemic.

With that being said, however, we know that a major challenge for many of us over the course of the last two years has been finding the drive to keep motivated at work during our hardest moments - whether that be while working remotely or in-office.

To help shed a positive light on 2021, however, below we share with you 5 things to be thankful for at work this year in the hopes that it’ll help turn any of your sour lemons into lemonade.

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1. Your Job

While the furlough scheme has protected millions of jobs during the nightmare that is COVID-19, roughly 800,000+ people in the UK have lost their jobs entirely.

So, if you’re someone who is lucky enough not to have been affected by unemployment over the last two years, or if you’ve managed to find new work after having been put on furlough or been made redundant, it’s important to be thankful for the role you have now.

With the UK employment rate was estimated to be at 75.3%, 1.3% lower than pre-pandemic (December 2019 to February 2020), people were struggling - and still are struggling - to gain employment in the current economy, however, if you’re one of those people earning a regular paycheck and can afford a hot meal - that’s something to be truly appreciative of, even setting the coronavirus aside.

2. Your Colleagues 

Human beings are social beings by nature, and as such, tend to thrive in social environments.

While working remotely has turned much of our face-to-face interactions into virtual ones, it’s never been more clear that the connection and camaraderie we have with our co-workers is a key contributor to our level of engagement and satisfaction at work - remote or otherwise (thank goodness for technology, right?).

This is why it’s so important to express gratitude for colleagues that make your days a little brighter, so if you have a chance, let them know that you’re thankful for their ongoing support - and even their funny little quirks that help keep a smile on your face.

3. The Little Things 

We’ve all had an interesting time adjusting to the changes that have been made both at work and at home since the beginning of the pandemic (to say the least), however, in the midst of such a trying time for people around the globe, it’s been the little things that have really helped pull us through.

While these things and how they affect us vary from person to person, it’s generally the little things like a hot coffee and a biscuit in the morning, sharing a laugh at the office, wearing our most cosy slippers while remote working, or celebrating the small wins at work that tend to keep us going.

Being able to appreciate these small, day-to-day things is a huge win in and of itself.


4. Your Competitors 

You might be raising your eyebrows at this one, but bear with us here.

While it would be all too easy if you or your business didn’t have to worry about competition, it’s not realistic. Even the world’s biggest brands need to keep an eye on their competitors to stay on top of their game.

To this end, your competitors are one of your many reasons to get out of bed in the morning and push to do better, to be better, and to ideally meet and exceed the goals you’ve set for yourself and your organisation.

In other words, your competition ensures that you’ll never grow complacent but that you’ll instead grow to thrive.

5. Your Tenacity 

Whether you realise it or not, what you contribute at work is valuable, and the skills you’ve acquired and how you use them are entirely unique to you.

Combine that with the drive and motivation you’ve had to keep pushing during the ongoing pandemic, and you have to take a moment to reflect on how remarkable you are in keeping that determination alive.

Even if you had a hard time getting yourself settled in a new routine, or if your physical or mental health suffered for a time (or perhaps still is), your tenacity - or rather your persistence - is all you and something to be grateful for during these difficult times. 

We know that it can be a tall order to remain appreciative with the weight of a heavy 18+ months on your shoulders, however, just remember that despite all that, there is always something to be grateful for at work and in life!

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