DPG Announces Unique Double Guarantee

DPG is delighted to announce that we now offer every CIPD Level 3 and 5 participant the guarantee that they will receive a refund of double their fees if they do not pass their qualification.

In 2008, DPG was the first CIPD provider to introduce the guaranteed pass, this instantly made DPG an obvious choice amongst prospective candidates. Due to its popularity, most other CIPD providers followed suit and now offer a similar guarantee, however no one is confident enough in the quality of their programme to offer a double guarantee.

Robert Wagner, Commercial Director said: “At DPG we have always worked tirelessly to ensure that our CIPD qualifications are the very best available. We do this by only employing highly qualified HR and L&D professionals to deliver our programmes and we always tailor our CIPD Qualifications to ensure they fit the needs of the modern HR and L&D professionals. This is a bold move, but one we believe demonstrates the confidence we have in the quality of our CIPD programmes.”

To find out more about DPG’s unique double guarantee, call one of our expert CIPD Programme Advisors on 0330 660 0220 or visit the website to find out more. http://cipd.dpgplc.co.uk